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Update a widget based on another widget.

1-) Create a Grid (product table), whose configuration is

    Grid Modules → Orientation to Slide

    Configuration → Columns per pages: 5

    Link between Applications → Link to a blank application that will perform the update, where the link will have the following properties

        Operation Mode Link: Open in iframe

        Iframe height: 5

        Iframe width: 500

        And send the following parameters to the blank:

2-) On the blank, you will receive the parameters of the grid, which will be stored in global variables, and will update the table and then redirect to the grid retail_detail

3-) Create a Grid_detalle_venta
4-) Create a Dashboard:
    Select the grid (from Step 1) with the following options
    Through the link of this grid with the blank application, whose scope will be "Create widget automatically".

5-) Run the dashboard and a similar result should be observed.

For more information:

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