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Web Service

In this example we will be observing how we can apply a webservice concept between two applications within the tool.

Firstly we should understand its meaning, that is, know about the fact that the webservice is responsible for processing information between two or more applications, in which one sends a call to the other, and then the other receives the call and returns the information.

For example:

We create an application of type blank and control, in which, the blank is the one that contains the information and the control application is responsible for showing that information within it.

Then, we proceed to create a control type application, within it we will create a total of 5 fields, which will have the following structure:

The procedure to request the information of the blank and bring it to the control application, we have the AJAX events that work directly for the fields, then, what we will do, create an AJAX event from the call_ws field, the event will be of the OnClick type:

Within this event, we codify that when you click on this field, call the other blank application to return the information.
Previously, a method was created that contains the procedure that creates an XML that we will pass to it as a parameter for it to take in the blank:

Then within an AJAX event of a field that is going to call the webservice, we receive the parameters of the method and then encrypt it and then pass it as a parameter to receive the blank:

Finally we create an application of the blank type that will be the one that is going to take charge of receiving the parameters and through that perform the calculation by means of a condition, and then send again with the data already calculated:

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