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New examples for diagrams

This tutorial shows how you can import and use the new examples for diagrams released with Scriptpcase V9.2.16.  The applications were created using the components: Jsmind, JKanban e Orgchart. 

- Sample 1: Mind Map diagram

Click here to  execute the mind map application

- Sample 2: OrgChart Diagram 

Click here to execute the OrgChart diagram

To use the examples you need simply import the projects "samples" within your Scriptcase. See below the steps to import the project:

- Create a new project: 

- Select the project "Samples"

Then select where you want to save the tables created by the project. You can save the tables within the default directory of Scriptcase (SQLite) or using your own database according to the supported database. All sample projects of Scriptcase have previously created tables with dummy data for testing.

We will select the default connection (SQLite), so the tables will be stored within Scripcase's directory. After importing click "generate code" to finally create all sample applications.

Once imported the project is available for you to view or copy the applications for use in your projects.

You will find the new libraries to create the mind maps and the Orgchart inside the folder: "Diagrams"

-  Sample 3: Pipeline 

The third example was done with the Jkanban component for creating a dynamic Pipeline within a CRM template system.

Click here to execute CRM template

To access the example simply import the project "CRM" within your Scriptcase following the same steps above to import the "Samples".

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