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GoJS Library is no longer available

GoJS library is no longer available for native use in Scriptcase. 

We have purchased a GoJS O&M license for Scriptcase 9 and, by our understanding, we could distribute GoJS to any number of end users, however we were recently contacted by Northwoods Software Corporation questioning our understanding, since most of our customers use Scriptcase to develop systems. For that reason we had to remove GoJS API for development or distribution use on Scriptcase.

You can use GoJS as an external library inside Scriptcase, however you will have to get a license for that. Northwoods is offering a Special License Discount Program with the following generous terms:

○ 50% discount off Northwoods Listed Price

Terms and Conditions:

○ Applies only to single-developer, single-application, OEM or Internal Use, licenses.

○ Does not apply to source code.

○ Requires a proof of purchase of Scriptcase .

○ Not available to existing Northwoods customers.

○ Northwoods reserves the right to modify these terms and conditions without notice.

○ Offer expires on December 31, 2018.


Click here to see new examples created by our development team to replace the applications made with GoJS components.  

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