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How to perform a publication in your hosting service

If you already know how to deploy applications with Scriptcase RAD you can perform a publication of your applications generated with your Scriptcase in your hosting account:

Step 1. Send the application to your hosting account:

From an non hosted Scriptcase:                                                                                                                       Upload the tar or zip file to your hosting service to the public_html (www) or subdomain directory with the cPanel File Manager or with FTP using some FTP client. Then extract the zip or tar file in that directory.

You can also transfer the application with the built-in FTP client directly from your Scriptcase without generate any zip or tar file.

If the Scriptcase is hosted in the same account that you want to publish your applications you can deploy with the option "Deploy on a server directory".

 (FTP and File Manager hosting tutorials here)

Step 2. Create the Database, user and add the user to database , give privilegies and restore your database content.

(Hosting Database tutorials here)

Step 3. After this open the application in a browser using your account domain plus the directory of your application, like: to create the application connection with database. 

Now your application is ready to production.

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