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How to change your MySql database collation

If you are facing problems with some characters in your database after restored a database from your localhost or your old hosting service, its always a good practice to check for the collation of your old database.
MySQL used to use Latin1 as the default, but most web hosts use MySQL’s default collation as utf8.

If you wanna change, just follow this 4 steps:

1. Once loged in cPanel click on the phpMyAdmin icon in the "Database" Section.

2. Select the database you wish to manage from the drop-down menu on the left.

3. Click on the Operations tab in the top menu of your phpMyAdmin

4. In the page Operations search for "Collation "option. You can now select a collation from the drop down menu and click on the Go button.

Please note that after your change the collation of a database only the new tables will be created with the new collation. All other tables remain with the collation, they were initially created.
In this case, if you were restoring a database from your home or from your old server, delete all tables, follow the steps above and restore the database again.

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